Seaplane Advocacy

I lay awake early one morning just prior to dawn. The idea shined brightly and absolutely clear in my mind. It was so well defined that I was astonished, I had not thought of it before. The Colorado Seaplane Initiative was born.

Ideas like these come to us, daunting us, with their clarity and simplicity. Sometimes they mature into powerful ideas that grip the nation and result in bold achievements. Their effect on history is profound. The idea was freedom, the reality is the United States; the idea was the Moon, the reality is Apollo 11; the idea was Happiness, the reality is Disney World. There is no level of problem that imagination and creativity cannot overcome. And so it is for us.

The seaplane idea is born

Each of us had an idea that we could fly. It was a clear simple idea that had many distractors and obstructions; but, we achieved it. We had the idea to fly seaplanes. Again the idea was clear and simple; again there were distractors and obstructions; but, we achieved it. This pattern of idea and achievement is what defines us as leaders. We set our course based on an idea and take on the distractors and obstructions as they appear. Others are mesmerized by our path and follow our example.

Today we jointly have a new idea…it is the freedom to navigate Colorado’s waterways. We must move aside the obstructions and build on our strengths to expose the clarity and simplicity of our idea. We must demonstrate by example the strength and resolve of an idea whose time has come!


Seaplane Pilots Association